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Images of China

Welcome to Teaching In China. We provide university graduates (of any profession) cultural exchange opportunities to work and live in China through paid teaching programmes. No teaching experience (or qualifications) are necessary to apply. We work with a number of organisations in China to provide our applicants with legitimate public teaching positions across China.

No matter whether you are looking to build up your teaching portfolio, learn a new skill, or are just looking for an affordable way to travel and experience a new culture, Teaching In China can help you achieve this.

chinese city view from the sky


Choose from one of 19 regions to spend your year placement. Be placed as part of a small group of teachers or decide to experience it alone the choice is yours.


Develop your teaching skills, learn how to work in new challenging environments, and unlock new career prospects. Learn a new language, and experience a new culture.



Enjoy the perks of a long paid holiday. Spend your time soaking in the sun on the beaches of Thailand, or skiing in the snowy mountains of Japan.


Send us an email and we will get in touch with you about the jobs we have available.

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