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Teaching In China Ltd was established in Early 2019 to promote the cultural exchange between China and Native English speaking countries through teacher exchange programmes. To achieve this we work with a number of partners in China including CEAIE and MF. All of our programmes include paid placements, TEFL and visa application support, and access to teacher training through an all expenses paid summer camp.

We work hard to simplify the visa process for those new to China and it's policies and provide a positive experience that will remain in the memories of those involved for a long-time after. As of this year we offer placements in more than 19 regions across Mainland China. We are always looking ahead to evolve and improve the services that we can provide to our applicants and greatly take on-board and feedback that they have about our programme.


Hello, my name is Andrew and I am the company director of Teaching In China Ltd. I decided to establish Teaching In China after living in China for over 3 years as a foreign English teacher working at multiple schools across Shanghai. During this time I have extensively travelled China and learnt a lot about the culture and language. At the same time I would frequently have friends message me asking me how I found a job in China and how they can do the same. This got me thinking as to why more people don't teach in China especially as the salary relative to cost of living is so good, the working hours are relaxed, and the holidays are plentiful. You would expect there to be a huge influx of teachers to China each and every year.

So I decided to carry out some of my own research into the factors deterring people from teaching in China. The three key areas I found were:

  • False/Misleading school advertisements from recruiters and schools

  • A misunderstanding about the actual job requirements required to teach in China

  • A daunting visa application process that often changes and has outdated information on the internet

This is why I decided to start Teaching In China. By approaching the three issues outlined above I believed that I could create a system which provides fair and accurate information, provides easy access to the job requirements, and simplifies the visa process to make it possible for anybody to apply.


Teaching In China doesn't conform with the crowd but instead strives to stand-out. Unlike many other companies across the internet promising teaching jobs in China, we will NEVER take a cut off your salary. Instead we choose to generate all of our income through a programme fee that we charge our applicants. The programme fee that we charge includes all of the support (visa application, summer camp, TEFL course, and more....) so we think that it is quite good value for money.

Our policy is transparency, and when we say that we show it. On our website we have outlined the financial timeline for going through the visa application process for China. We understand that for some applicants the costs shown may initially overwhelm them as the process requires some level of capital (one which can be more difficult for a fresh graduate). We do however believe that is the best thing to do as it gives applicants an honest perception of the visa process. Something that is often mislead or omitted altogether by other companies.


We realise that China isn't for everyone. It's true 95% of people that go to teach in China absolutely love it and want to stay for a second or even third year but there will always be a percentage of applicants that find themselves not enjoying the experience. Trying to persuade applicants that become unsure about teaching in China for a small profit isn't in our interest. It leaves bad impressions of China on the applicant, damages our reputation as a company, and wastes the time of the school and our partners. Instead we will be upfront about the good and bad parts of working and living in China during the initial application stages.



CEAIE a not-for-profit organisation established in 1981 have been promoting cultural exchange through teaching programmes in China since 2005. CEAIE have successfully run their summer camp each August for the last 15 years. Providing exchange opportunities to more than 2000 new teachers in China.

MF established in 2017 by two former employees of CEAIE is an organisation that promotes cultural exchange. They are working hard to expand their network of schools with currently around 200 schools available across 15 regions. They run a summer camp in downtown Beijing each August.

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