Hello, thank you for visiting our website. Teaching in China has a simple yet effective goal to promote the cultural exchange between China and native speaking English countries through a paid teaching programme. The programme begins in August of each year run in partnership with the not-for-profit organisation China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE). We offer full-time and part-time placements across 19 diverse regions in China. No matter if you are looking to really immerse yourself in an exclusively Chinese environment or you would prefer to live in one China’s bustling international mega metropolises we have placements available for you. ​


My name is Andrew, I am the company director of Teaching In China. So far, I have experienced three wonderful years working as an English foreign teacher in China. To this day I still love the experience of living in China, as it has provided me so many opportunities to travel as well as allowing me to experience a completely new culture, and save a sizeable percentage of my income every month. This got me thinking "why don't more people try teaching in China?" if the salary is so good, the hours are so relaxed, and the holidays are plentiful; then you would expect there to be more people wishing to teach in China than there currently is.

I decided to carry out some of my own research and I found three key areas where I believe people were being put off from teaching in China.

  • Misleading school advertisements from recruiters and schools

  • A misunderstanding about the actual job requirements required to teach in China

  • A daunting visa application process that frequently changes in policies


This is what lead me to create Teaching In China. I believe that by offering a standardised graduate programme that removes these barriers for entry then more people will be interested in teaching in China. At Teaching In China we make all of this information very clear for our applicants and support each and every applicant through the visa application process to ensure a successful application.


At Teaching In China we don't conform with the rest we stand out. To achieve this we have partnered with the China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE) who are a not-for-profit education organisation located in Beijing. Working with CEAIE we can ensure that every placement school that we work with is legitimate and up to a standard that we expect. It also means that no matter which school an applicant is given they can be assured the same teaching benefits (i.e. flight reimbursement, free housing, 4 week holiday) as schools must accept the standardised requirements that are set to be allowed on the programme. Unlike many "recruiters" we NEVER will take a cut off your salary instead to run our programme we ask for a fee (read more) to help us cover any costs. We will also NEVER push our applicants to take one placement over another to increase our "commission". The money that Teaching In China would receive in "commission" is the same regardless of which school an applicant chooses so it makes it in our interest to find the best suited placement for each applicant. 


Moving to China and going through the visa application process is a lengthy and tiring process that isn't cheap. The visa process and first-month in China is going to require that an applicant raises enough capital. This is just part of the visa application process and it's something that we cannot avoid. No matter which company that you go with many of these costs will be similar as they are costs that are out of a companies control such as visa fees, medical checks, and vaccinations. What we choose to do instead is provide our applicants with a realistic budgeting timeline so that they are not faced with unexpected costs that may not be outlined with other companies.


We realise that China isn't for everyone. It's true 95% of people that go to teach in China absolutely love it and want to stay for a second or even third year but there is always around 5% of people that find themselves not enjoying the experience and wanting to leave. Trying to persuade people that are unsure to teach in China just for a small profit isn't in our interest. It leaves a bad impression on the applicant and it wastes the time of the school and CEAIE. We prefer to be open with each of our applicants about the good and bad parts of working and living in China. Before we accept an applicant on our programme we will always schedule an informal interview with an applicant. We use this time to discuss life and work in China and help decide if a placement in China would be the right thing for them.



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