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We understand that for many of our applicants arriving at their placement school will be the first time they have ever taught in a classroom setting before. This is why we have partnered with CEAIE & MF to provide an intensive course on how to teach real students.


  • The camps take place in August of each year (across Beijing)

  • The duration of the summer camps are between 1 and 2 weeks long

  • All of the accommodation, food, and sight seeing trips is FREE for the duration of the camp

  • Applicants will be teaching in-front of real students (sounds scary! but it's VERY good practice)

  • Attendance to the camp is COMPULSORY for applicants that have their VISA documentation ready in-time.

  • Applicants will have time to go on a sight-seeing trips to historical sites nearby Beijing (including The Great Wall of China, Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square, and the Forbidden City)


Also included in our programme (for FREE!) is a 120-hour TEFL course. TEFL which stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language is one of the accepted certificates in China (necessary to get a valid working visa). We believe it is a useful course that provides applicants with the fundamentals of teaching and classroom management.

As part of our policy of removing the financial and application stress from our applicants we decided to include the 120-TEFL within the programme. This means that unlike other similar companies our applicants don't need to worry about the TEFL being accepted by China (or pay the £100 fee just to receive the TEFL course).


  • Part A (60-hours): Is completed during the VISA application process (around April-May) and is done online. The course includes different teaching methodologies and cultural differences between teaching in China and the west. The course also goes through typical cultural differences applicants are likely to experience living in China.

  • Part B (60-hours): Is completed alongside the Beijing summer camp (3-day course) in a lecture style environment (a bit like university). Applicants will learn more theory about teaching and practice some of it alongside other applicants at the camp. At the end of the 3-days there will be a final test and applicants will be awarded their TEFL certificate.


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