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Pre-Interview Documents

In order to build an application to submit to your school, we require a few documents from yourself.

Each of the documents are listed below. Once you have collected your documents, please email them directly to for review. Once your documents have been received you will be given a time for an interview to discuss your application in more details.

1. A coloured photocopy of your passport page: All of the details of the passport page must be clearly visible before sending (no fingers in the photo, no blurry text.....)

2. CV/Resume: When writing your CV/Resume emphasis any teaching related experiences and/or qualifications first (at the top) before any other experiences and/or qualifications. If you haven’t had any direct qualifications/experiences try to think about the sort of skills that are necessary to teach and how you may have already developed some of them through previous work, study, or outside activities in the past (i.e. a team leader).

If you have any previous teaching experience talk about your responsibilities, classroom management, lesson planning, and how you managed your students development.

For experiences that are not directly related to teaching you can look to highlight certain aspects that are useful for teaching i.e. public speaking, leadership roles, providing mentoring to customers or other colleagues/students, and communication skills.

If you have travelled (especially abroad) talk about the experience(s) that you had, the situations you found yourself in and how you were able to resolve any problems and adapt to new surrounds.

If you have volunteered or been involved in any competitions talk the qualities that you had and the skills that you developed (again trying where possible to link it to teaching.

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