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Post-Interview Documents

Congratulations on completing the interview process successfully. You are already on your way to going to China. In order to submit your application successfully to a school we still require some more documents from yourself.

The deadline for these documents will depend on the date that you apply. The sooner the better as you may need to make adjustments to some of the documents. Once your documents have been approved then we can offer you a place on the programme and begin your TEFL course (Again, the soon the better. This course can take around 1-2 months to complete).

The following only applies to those on a August/September start date**

  • Before January 31st: This is the ideal situation that will give us plenty of time to check the documents, make any adjustments, get you onto the programme, and get your TEFL course started.

  • Before February 28th: Again, this should also be fine. However, it may cause a little bit more of a rush for some applicants to get things done in time.

  • Before March 30th: There is some chance of delay for you going to China if you cannot keep on top of the application process right away.

  • April onwards: High chance that your application process is likely to be delayed (unless you have a lot of free time on your hands).

IMPORTANT: The dates set above are based on programme availability. Should places already be allocated before the deadline dates, then no more applications will be available. To ensure that you are given your ideal placement you should submit at the earliest available date. Applicants that submit late may not have much school availability left to choose from.

Proof of Degree/Attendance at University:

You should send one of the following documents to us.

Scan of university degree: For applicants that already have already graduated with a bachelors degree. We require a coloured scan of your degree certificate.

Proof of attendance: For applicants that are still studying their bachelors degree. We require a confirmation letter from your university. The confirmation letter just need to state that you are:

  • Enrolled at the university

  • In your final year of study

  • Your are expected to graduate in the summer

You can often find this by contacting your student support facility within your university. They can more often than not generate one of these letters the same day.

Personal Statement:

A one-page document used to introduce yourself to your new potential school. It is flexible and you should use the space to talk about yourself, your experiences, what interests you in living and working in China, and why you want to be a teacher.

We will use the personal statement along with your preference form to help find you a school during the school selection process. The personal statement may also be the first thing your school reads about you before they conduce any interview(s) with you. So writing a good and interesting personal statement may help your interview run much smoother.

Two References:

References are an important part of the application process that often take the longest to get (due to no fault of the applicants). References can be submitted at any time, and recommend that applicants get started on their references straight away! as they can take some time to get. Applicants still at university: It is required that each applicant submits two references for their application. Ideally one employment and one university reference. For applicants that are still studying at university it is required that a least one of the references be a university reference. If you haven't had a previous job then two university references can be accepted instead.

Applicants already graduated: For applicants that have finished their studying it is preferred that they have one university reference and one job reference. If you have left university and you have not had a job then two university references can be accepted. If you have had employment but cannot get a reference from your university (for an unexpected reason) then we can accept two job references.

A good reference would be around half a page in length and will clearly show some form of official company/university letterhead/logo. The reference MUST include the signature of the referee (this is very important!). China can sometime be very particular about the formatting of documents and do require certain requirements that may not be required in your own country. Please ensure carefully that your referee knows that this is NECESSARY to be accepted in China (regardless of if it’s a necessary requirement in your home country or not).

The reference should briefly outline your qualities and strengths expressing your suitability for teaching English in China. Your referee may comment on your adaptability, open-mindedness, and the positive manor in which you regularly conduct yourself.

For your university referee a it’s often better to talk to your tutor or personal support manager rather than your schools HR department as they can often take longer to process your reference (especially if they have many other to complete).

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