The budgeting timeline is spread over around a 6 to 8 month period (December to September) and has been developed to outline all of the expected costs that our applicants will encounter both directly (visa application fee) and indirectly (personal insurance). The timeline outlines the AVERAGE cost of an application for an applicant and should only be used as a guideline the actual amount an applicant could spend could be higher or lower than what we suggest i.e. an applicant may choose to purchase more than the common vaccinations (we leave this down to the discretion of each applicant).


Different provinces in China vary in how enforce rules and regulations meaning that the cost of an application can differ between regions. For example in most regions a basic criminal record check is sufficient (£25) while in Beijing schools are required to submit a more in-depth criminal record check (£60). If when we get to the placement process (see more details) we find a region is being particularly expensive for this year then we may choose to exclude it from the selection process to save our applicants money.

From the budgeting costs listed below we estimate that around 50% to 70% of it will be refunded at the end of your school contract (this will differ depending on the placement school). In our budgeting timeline we have also included the first-month of living expenses (September to early October) as schools pay their teachers backdated meaning that an applicant will receive their September pay at the end of the month. With all of the following considered we estimate that the AVERAGE applicant will need around £2000 (including their first month in China).

We understand that this is a lot of money for applicants to pay for especially for applicants that are currently studying or have recently graduate. This is why we encourage applicants to explore a number of different financing options to see if taking part in the programme is financially viable for them. Previous teachers in China have taken advantage of a number of different financing options such as taking advantage of 0% interest bank overdrafts or student finance loans. Some previous teachers have also funded their application through part-time jobs or asking family members for a cash injection.



For the Graduate Programme we charge a support fee of £450. The support fee allows us to provide our applicants with high-quality support throughout the application process. Included in this fee is access to a 120-hour TEFL course (online & physical) & 2-week all expenses paid Beijing summer camp (worth £300+). The fee can be paid in one or two separate instalments.


After an applicant completes a successful interview they will be emailed with instructions as to how to place their programme deposit. The programme deposit is required to guarantee the applicants place on the programme. Applicants that are interested in taking part in the programme should aim to place their deposit shortly after their interview to avoid missing out on the programme (as we only have a limited number of places).



At a later date, we will ask our applicants to send the remaining amount of their programme support fee. For Applicants who place their programme deposit before February, this date will be by the 10th of April. For applicants that place their deposit between February and April, the processing fee will be paid by the 1st of June.

Applicants that apply as a pair or group will each receive a discount on their processing fee.

Pair (2 Applicants): £50 discount (each applicant)

Group (3+ Applicants): £75 discount (each applicant)




During the application process, all of our applicants are required to complete a physical medical examination in their home country. The type of medical that an applicant will be required to submit will be dependent on the current government regulations in China on both country and provincial levels (which do change frequently).


Most applicants: For the majority of our applicants, a standard medical examination will be just fine and can be completed by a local GP for FREE under the NHS (applicants on private health care may need to check with their healthcare provider).


A few applicants: In a few circumstances, applicants of certain regions may be requested to submit a full medical (which includes x-ray scans) and this can cost upwards for £200. Schools in these regions should provide a refund for any medical expenses incurred. If we find a school/region that doesn't provide a refund for our applicants then we may look at placing our applicant in another preferred region (to save our applicants some unnecessary expenses) 



Working in China as a teacher all applicants are required to undergo a standard criminal record check by their local police enforcement agency. For applicants in the UK, the fee is £25 although some provinces in china may require a more detailed criminal record check which costs £60 in the UK. Prices may vary for applicants applying in other countries. The process for completing a criminal record check usually takes around a week.



All applicants are required to notarise, legalise, and authenticate their degree certificate and criminal record check. The process for this can be quite time-consuming as applicants are required to send their documents off to a notary public. We have a partner for this process and we estimate that the cost will be around £290 (£145 per document).

Some placement schools such as the Pacican Academy have been known to provide a refund for this fee on the completion of an applicants contract with the school however, we ask that applicants don't expect this and only see it as a nice bonus if that is the case.



Once we have all of the necessary documents required we will submit a visa application. The cost of the visa application is £151 and requires that all applicants go to a Chinese embassy/consulate to complete their application. In the UK the embassy & consulates are in London, Manchester, and Edinburgh respectively. Applicants that live far from one of these cities may need to factor in additional money for travelling to the cities to submit and collect their visa application.



Applicants are required to purchase a one-way flight to China themselves. Due to the time of year and high fluctuations in plane tickets, applicants may have to pay up to £600 for a one-way ticket. All our applicants will receive a refund for this fee on the completion of their contract (the amount is shown in each applicants contract before they sign with their school and is enough to cover an inbound and outbound economy flight).

Schools usually don't pay for applicants flights upfront in-order to protect themselves from people that may abuse the perks as an applicant could sign with a school and receive a free flight and then use the time to receive a free holiday. For applicants that choose to stay with their school a second year (it is probably more than likely that the school would be willing to pay at least a one-way flight back to China upfront once the trust has been established). We hope that all of our applicants can understand why schools have this requirement.



Applicants are expected to arrive at our Beijing summer camp around the middle of August. Applicants don't need to worry about having money for their time in Beijing as we provide FREE accommodation and food to ALL of our applicants during the Beijing summer camp. Applicants may wish to have a little bit of money to buy some snacks or a few beers.


At the end of the summer camp (end of August) applicants will go to their placement school via a high-speed train (unless it's in Beijing) the cost of this ticket will be paid by the applicant upfront and then refunded by the school on arrival. The cost of a ticket should be no more than £60. 


Applicants should receive their first pay-check from their school between the end of September and early October this means that for the first-month applicants will be required to be sufficient on their own money. The amounts shown below include expected expenses both during the camp and at the applicant's placement school (August & September)


Applicants on the Pacican option are required to pay for their own accommodation in Shanghai. The cost of accommodation in Shanghai is significantly higher than anywhere else in China and a room in a shared apartment is likely to cost between 2,500-3,500RMB (including bills) depending on how central the location is, and how modern it is. Applicants can rent an apartment with a 1 to 1.5-month deposit (refunded on completion) and 1-month of rent paid upfront. Some estate agencies in Shanghai offer support (including contract agreements in English). The total start-up cost is around £1000.


The cost of transportation is cheap in Shanghai at around 3-4RMB per single metro ticket (across the city), the cost of Chinese food can be around 10-40RMB depending on the food, and western food can be around double that. We think that £300-400 would be more than sufficient to live comfortably in Shanghai for the month. Somebody on a tight budget could survive on around £150-200 for the first month (but we think it's better to live comfortable).


The cost of transportation is cheap across China. The smaller cities around 1RMB per journey with the bigger cities being around 2-4RMB for a normal trip. The cost of food in small can cities can be extremely cheap with a big meal costing no more than 15RMB. The bigger cities may have prices that go up to 40RMB for a single Chinese meal. Applicants in the smaller can make it through their first month on £200-300 while any applicants that choose one of the bigger cities may need slightly more £300-400.



Applicants travelling to China may wish to get certain vaccinations/top-up shots to protect them for their travelling in China (and nearby countries). On average applicants spend less than £60 on their vaccinations and many applicants receive their vaccinations for FREE under the NHS (applicants from the UK). We recommend that applicants ask their local GP and check government-backed websites for travel & vaccination advice. A few websites we have found to be useful are  fit for travel, gov.uk, and travel health pro. Vaccinations are not reimbursed by the school.


We STRONGLY recommend that applicants take out their own COMPREHENSIVE insurance BEFORE purchasing any travel to China (July/August). Teaching in China takes no responsibility for any applicants that fail to purchase valid insurance. We also don't recommend relying on the insurance that the school may provide as many of these insurances don't provide comprehensive insurance. These days travel insurance can be purchased very easily online with a worldwide travel plan likely to cost anywhere between £200 and £300 for comprehensive coverage. Insurance is not reimbursed by the school.



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