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8 Reasons You Should Teach English in China

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Flexible Teaching Schedule

Teaching in China provides you with a flexible teaching schedule. Teachers typically teach less than 15 hours of classes per week providing plenty of time to learn a new skill or passion alongside the teaching schedule.

Tons of Travel Opportunities

China is one of the biggest and most diverse countries on the planet and with that comes lots of opportunities to travel around and explore. China has 56 ethnic groups that have their own distinct culture, food, and language. China's landscape is also hugely diverse from the Gobi desert to Guilin mountains. If you are into history China has a number of famous landmarks including The Great Wall, Terra Cotta Warriors, and The Forbidden City. If you enjoy travelling through giant urban sprawls China has 11 cities with more than 10 million people and 102 cities with more than 1 million people offering many new experiences.

Save 50% of Your Salary Every Month

China allows you to save a sizeable percentage of your salary each month due to the low cost of living, high salary provided by the schools alongside the free accommodation. A journey across even the biggest cities in China on the subway can cost you as little at 3 RMB, a quick meal at a restaurant can cost 15RMB, and a 10km taxi can cost around 25RMB making the cost of living extremely affordable.

Long Holidays Throughout The Year

Working in a school in China (especially our public schools) provide you with plenty of holidays throughout the school year. Teachers receive all of the standard public holiday festivals in China which account for over 20 days per year. In addition teachers in public schools work a normal Monday to Friday schedule with weekends off. The best perk about teaching in China is the Winter & Summer breaks throughout the schedule. In the winter months teachers receive between 3 to 6 weeks of holiday breaks, while teachers can choose to take up to 8 weeks off during the summer months for travel!

Boosts Your CV/Resume

Living in China for a year or more looks great on your CV! It gives you a new skill and shows any future employers that you are the type of person that is not afraid of being put into new environments. Also as China becomes a bigger part of the global stage more and more companies are looking to partner with China and having experience in the country may open up new positions and opportunities that were once not available both in China and back home.

Learn The World's Most Spoken Language

The Mandarin dialect of Chinese is the worlds most spoken language with over 900 million speakers worldwide and growing. Not only will you impress the locals and your friends but it is becoming a more sought after skill as businesses look to hire people with Chinese language ability to work in their institutions. It may seem a tough task to learn, but people that go to China will find that the language isn't as difficult to learn as people may assume.

The Biggest Market of ESL Jobs in the World

China with the largest population in the world currently has the biggest ESL jobs market and that means more flexibility to choose the type of job that you want to have. Positions in China range from Kindergarten all the way up to University level. Schools can be found in cities of all levels from the large metropolitan districts of Shanghai & Beijing to rural and semi-rural towns where you will get a very different China experience.

Ease of market access

Relative to many countries that offer ESL teaching positions, the requirements to teach in China are still relatively low due to the sky-high demand. To teach in China you don't require any previous teaching experience just a valid 120-hour or above TEFL certificate, a bachelors degree, be a native English speaker (from a recognised country), and don't have a criminal record.

Our China programme provides TEFL's to teachers that don't have one as part of our process.


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