For the next stage we require six documents that can be used to submit your application to your school. All of these documents are typical documents that are required for any school/institution in China. Some of these documents are likely to take longer to get and therefore we have broken down the documents into two sections.

Section A: Should be submitted by email to

For this stage of the process we require the 6 different documents as listed below. Not all the documents need to be submitted at the same time.

  • Documents 1 to 4 should be submitted together

  • Documents 5 and 6 can be submitted at a later date as they may take some time to aquire

1. A copy of your passport (with a passport photo)

A coloured copy of your passport page Please make sure that all details of the passport page are clearly visible before sending (PDF format). A Passport photograph Plain white background, full face, centrally positioned looking at the camera, including upper shoulders, coloured photograph. It can be taken on a mobile phone. You can find many examples on Google of suitable passport photographs (PDF format).

2. An updated CV/Resume

For your CV/Resume please include information such as your date of birth, passport number, address, email address, and phone number. When writing your CV/Resume emphasis any teaching related experiences and qualifications first (at the top) before any other experiences/qualifications. Think about the sort of skills that are required for teaching and see how you can link previous work, studying, and experiences into teaching. For experiences that are not directly related to teaching you can look to highlight certain aspects that are useful for teaching i.e. public speaking, leadership roles, providing mentoring to customers or other colleagues/students, and communication skills. If you have travelled (especially abroad) talk about the experience(s) that you had, the situations you found yourself in and how you were able to resolve any problems and adapt to new surrounds. If you have volunteered or been involved in any competitions talk the qualities that you had and the skills that you developed (again trying where possible to link it to teaching. If you have any previous teaching experience talk about your responsibilities, classroom management, lesson planning, and how you managed your students development.

5. A completed medical questionnaire

3. Your personal statement

4. Scan of your university degree OR proof of attendance at university

To ensure that all of our applicants already have or are expected to have a bachelors degree (any subject) by the summer we must request that each applicant can provide us with one of these two forms of proof. This proof will also be sent over to our Chinese partners CEAIE and to your school (at a later date) to confirm to them that you match the criteria required. For applicants that already have a bachelors degree the process is fairly straightforward. All that is required is a coloured photocopy of the original degree certificate to be sent (PDF format). For any applicants that are still in their final year of studying a confirmation letter will be required from their university. The confirmation letter can simply state that you are enrolled at the university in your final year and are expected to graduate by the summer. A good place often to find this is by contacting the student support facility in the university who can more than often generate the email the same day (PDF format).

6. Two employer/academic references

References are an important part of the application process that are necessary to progress your application. The deadline for the references is the 10th of April, however it is important that you can complete the references ASAP as they can often take a long period of time to complete (due to how long it may take some referees to write their referrals). It’s required that each applicant receives two references ideally one university reference and one job reference. For applicants that are still studying at university it is required that they receive at least one university reference along with a job reference (if you haven’t worked previously then two university references can be accepted instead). For applicants that have finished their studying it is preferred that they have one university reference and one job reference. If you have left university and you have not had a job then two university references can be accepted. If you have had employment but cannot get a reference from your university (for an unexpected reason) then we can accept two job references. A good reference would be around half a page in length and will clearly show some form of official company/university letterhead/logo. The reference MUST include the signature of the referee (this is very important!). China can sometime be very particular about the formatting of documents and do require certain requirements that may not be required in your own country. Please ensure carefully that your referee knows that this is NECESSARY to be accepted in China (regardless of if it’s a necessary requirement in your home country or not). The reference should briefly outline your qualities and strengths expressing your suitability for teaching English in China. Your referee may comment on your adaptability, open-mindedness, and the positive manor in which you regularly conduct yourself. For your university referee a it’s often better to talk to your tutor or personal support manager rather than your schools HR department as they can often take longer to process your reference (especially if they have many other to complete).


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